Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clip It

The Square Cupboard is loving our new clip-on boards!  So versatile, functional, and just plain CUTE!  With a great price point, you can't walk away with just one!  You will want to spread the fun!

Use them as picture frames if you like, or pair it with recipe cards for a great kitchen gift for you or someone else!

Even better...multiply the gift by pairing the clip-on board, recipe cards, and a Martha Hall Foose cookbook.  Great for any occasion!

The uses for these great clip-on boards could go on forever!  Use it to hold your weekly grocery list, to-do lists, or gift list.  Keep it hung in your office for receipts or bills to be paid, hang it in your kitchen for grocery lists, hang it by the door for reminders, or hang it in the playroom or kids' rooms for artwork or handwritten notes.  Hang one for each child clipped with signed papers, artwork, permission slips, or homework assignments to be completed.

We didn't stop there!  We also have the three clip boards.  Great for separate lists or invitations!

Don't throw away those sweet thank-you notes just yet!  Hang them to remind you of your friend's thoughtfulness.

We're sure you can think of a million uses for these unique clip-on boards!  Use your imagination and think of where you leave the most papers astray.  Use these boards to organize the mess and leave it looking nice hanging on these fun boards.

Stop by and pick up a few for your gift giving needs or to finish up your home.

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