Saturday, August 20, 2011

Making Reading FUN

"Give your little ones something that brings out the best in them."

"Boogie Monster has an amazing way of inspiring kids to get moving, have fun and express themselves.  After reading this delightful book aloud with parents or grandparents, kids can't wait to put on their Boogie Legs and dance to the music.  With loveable Boogie Monster as their dancing buddy, children laugh, sing and dance their way through song after song without even realizing they're exercising too.  Count on Boogie Monster to inspire confidence, self-expression, fitness and sound self-esteem in your children."

Josie Bissett didn't stop there!  She brings us the funny Tickle Monster too!  These would serve as thoughtful gifts for big brother or big sister when it seems to be all about the new baby.  Bring a gift for them at your next shower, and let the whole family enjoy!

"A loveable monster with big puffy mitts has just flown in from Planet Tickle.  His mission is to bring joy and laughter to planet Earth.  How?  By tickling anyone who comes across his path.  Get ready to read aloud and tickle along with this wonderful little rascal, while your children squirm and giggle with delight.  There is no better childhood memory than time spent laughing together."

Let us wrap the perfect gift of dance and laughter for your next birthday party, shower, or for your sweet little one!

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