Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bed, Bath, and Bubbles

Pamper yourself before the craziness of fall gets to you!  Head on over to The Square Cupboard, where you will find assortments of towel wraps, pillowcases, soaps, and more!

Do you have a teen or "tween" with a birthday or special occasion approaching?  Pick up a cute initial towel wrap!  Pair it with a sweet body lotion or smell-good soap for good measure.

Our soaps make great "happies" for any age!  Send all your girlfriends home with a little treat!  Having a slumber party with excited little girls?  Surprise them all with their own bar of scented soap wrapped up so cute!

Enjoy a spa day or night in your own home!  Light some of our Woodwick candles around the tub, and soak for as long as you like...or at least until the first child comes looking for you!

Woodwick minis

Large Woodwick candles
Soaps in all shapes and sizes!  Choose a sophisticated soap or choose a cupcake or Popsicle soap!  Add in a coordinating lotion wrapped so cute.  Your choice!  It's all here!

Every spa day or night needs a good bubble bath!  Pick up this elegant bottle for your sweet one or for yourself.  What a nice way to let a new mommy know it's okay to relax!  What about the stressed out teacher?  Or the friend you've had on your mind?  Give them a little pick-me-up with cherished time alone in their homemade spa!

Give the hubby a hint, let him take the kids out to dinner, and send him down for a thoughtful gift for your time alone.  The Square Cupboard can take care of everything in between!

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