Monday, September 5, 2011

Candlelit Dinner for Two...or More

Everyone knows we entertain like no other down here in the South.  Nothing short of Mama's silver and soft candlelight will do.  Even for the most casual affair, we like a fun candle to burn.

Let The Square Cupboard keep your guests immersed in your Southern charm as you entertain this upcoming holiday season.

And, we know you have that space in your home that just needs a little something.  Stick a beautiful candlestick or a grouping of candlesticks to finish off the area.  Elegant simplicity for any room.

For those of you who love our Etta B, Farris Wheel, or coordinate your home with Peter's Pottery...we have beautifully crafted candlesticks that can just incorporate the look into any space.  We love how this allows your look to seep into other parts of your home.

The soft green of these candlesticks makes this a unique piece for, literally, any area.  How refreshing would these colors be in a kitchen or dining room?!  Don't forget about that guest bathroom!  Make sure your guests are impressed with your attention to detail just for them.

And, what ever happened to a family meal around a candlelit table?  Bring it back in 2011!  Let your family know how much you care about them by treating them to a nice candlelit dinner.  You don't even have to cook!  Just pick up our No Time 2 Cook Fine Frozen Foods and light your candles.  Now, that's fine dining at it's best!

A nice holiday dinner wouldn't be complete without an elegant candle on the table surrounded by fragrant garland. 

Let us help you set your table in style with our gorgeous candlesticks at The Square Cupboard.

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