Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crystal Clear

It's crystal clear to us at The Square Cupboard why these pieces should be a part of every home.  These lovely vases are perfect to fill with small bouquets of fresh flowers for a table centerpiece or an end table in the living room.  In fact, these are so gorgeous standing alone, let them serve as beautiful art in a dining room, shelf, or China cabinet.

These glass serving pieces are perfect for entertaining.  They look great on display when the guests are away too.  Glassware goes with anything and everything!  It's crystal clear to us.

Our beautiful Annieglass selection is to die for!  Leave out alone or use to serve.  Always classic and timeless.  Always functional.  Always crystal clear!

Three part servers, platters, bread trays, and more ready to create an elegant look in your home...or the home of any hostess or bride-to-be.  We have several brides registered for our Annieglass collection.

Platinum is beautiful, and gold is even more timeless.  Our Annieglass selection is available in platinum and gold.  Pick your favorite, and begin your collection.  A priceless heirloom that can be passed down to your children.

Is it crystal clear yet?  Do you see why this glassware should be a part of your home?  Stop by The Square Cupboard to see them in person.  We're sure it will be crystal clear then!

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