Saturday, September 10, 2011

Knob Stoppers

Tired of taking the same old thing to your Stock the Bar showers?  Not sure what to take to your tailgate shower?  Or what about a unique housewarming gift?  Worry no more!  The Square Cupboard is ready to supply your creative needs with our "Knob Stoppers."

We love this idea!  How much do you love this beautiful look for a wine stopper?  We love the look of old doorknobs on anything!  Super fun!  Super unique!  Super functional! 

Even if you're not much of a wine person, these still look great sitting around in colored bottles.  Stick a strand of white lights in a colored bottle, and top with a Knob Stopper.  Your finished product will be so eye-catching!

We love the price point on these Knob Stoppers.  Perfect for a birthday gift!  Even better for a Bunco or Canasta gift or door prize!

Come by The Square Cupboard today, and let us wrap up this great find for your gift needs.  While you're at it, grab one for yourself!

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