Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's PARTY!

Celebrate good times!  Come on!

Let The Square Cupboard personalize your themed party!  Coordinate great accessories and details that make your party memorable and your guests "ooohing and ahhhing" over every detail.

Greetings.  Get Ready for
Some Super-Galactic Fun!

Aye, me Hearties!
Ye be invited to chart yer course for
Captain Jack's Buccaneer Bash!

Do you have a child ready to board the ship and batten down the hatches?  Shiver me timbers!  Do we have something perfect for you!  Coordinate your party down to the details!

Don't forget that first impression!  Make sure your invitations let the guests know to grab their eye patch and pirate's hat for all the swashbuckling fun!

Sound the alarm…
Rush out the door…
Firefighter Michael is about to turn 4!

Taking the kids on a field trip for the big party day?  Make sure your invites give the first clue!  Don't forget to thank all your guests for the thoughtful birthday gifts and wishes!

And what boy doesn't want a truck party at one point or another?

From dump trucks to tractor trucks, let The Square Cupboard make your party perfect for your little guy.  Don't stop there!  Give a themed gift as well!

Let your little guests sign these books that can serve as a great guest register and a memorable keepsake.

Come For a Dino-Mite Party!

Dig for bones in the sandbox, play dinosaur-related games, and serve dinosaur food.  For more ideas click here.

Gowns, Crowns and
Castles too...
nothing short of a
Royal Celebration will do!

Make that special little girl feel like the queen of her castle with our princess theme accessories and details!  Our Disney princess Tervis tumblers are great gift ideas for the little princess.

And, of course, we want all the royal guests to feel special too!  Make sure you send out an invitation fit for a little princess!

No time for a siesta
for this night we

Come by The Square Cupboard to begin planning the party of the season!  Make your special event extra special with all your personal touches and attention to detail.

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