Monday, September 26, 2011

Mommy Necklace

Mothers are simply priceless!  There is no way for us to fully pay our mothers back for all the love, sacrifice, and care they give to our families.  The Square Cupboard understands the value of mothers.  We want to help you show your love and appreciation for all mothers have done and continue to do for our families.

Our Mommy Necklace is the perfect way to honor the mother or mother figure in your life!  Each necklace customized just for her, she will wear her honor with pride.  Give the new mommy in your life her mommy necklace with the birthstone and initial of her firstborn.  Then, add to the necklace as each new child enters the family.

This necklace is a timeless gift for that timeless love of a mother.  Continue the tradition on to add the birthstones and initials of her children AND grandchildren.  That makes it even more fun!  Over the years, watch this mommy necklace grow as the love in her family grows. 

Let us help you place your special order.  Allow a couple of weeks for delivery, and we will wrap it for free!  Easy shopping for a thoughtful gift!

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