Friday, September 23, 2011


This JUST IN...Moni angels straight from Jackson, MS!  These sweet faces and unique designs capture the hearts of all who pass them by.  Stop by to pick up your favorite piece to add to your collection, or start your collection today!

This handmade pottery in whimsical designs makes great gifts for loved ones or for yourself!

Angels by Moni creates much more than the signature angels.  They are one of a kind pieces of art made right here in Mississippi!

There are no two alike! 

These figurines are fun, funky pieces of art that is not your grandmother's angel collection!  It's a new twist on the timeless characters.

Moni collectibles make sweet gifts for new babies, baptisms, or new neighbors.  These angels are precious gifts for those who have lost a loved one as well.  Let them know that they are not forgotten, and they are loved. 

Great gifts for your church staff or Sunday school teachers!  What about the sweet couple who serve as parent figures in your life.  Show your gratitude with a timeless, one of a kind gift!

Moni created what we all know is near and dear to the heart of Mississippians...our loyal Mississippi State Bully and the Ole Miss Rebel!  Stop by our collegiate section today to pick up these collectibles.  These make great gifts too!

Let The Square Cupboard wrap up your gift for your loved one!  Or pick up your own for your collection!

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