Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Everything Cookbook

"Start with one clever designer;
Add a curious cook;
Mix in irresistible recipes;
Season with a dash of storytelling;
Pair with a big glass of wine and
Be prepared to feast on something...

We all know and love our Happy Everything plates and cookie jars!  Now, we have something to add to our fun!  The Happy Everything Cookbook by Coton Colors!  This is not your ordinary cookbook!  It is filled with super fun and adorable ideas for entertaining!  It gives creative ideas for using your Happy Everything pieces with these yummy recipes.

What a great gift idea!  Pair this cookbook with your favorite Happy Everything plate, cookie jar, or attachment!  Let us wrap it for you, and you're gift-giving list will get a little shorter.

1 comment:

  1. it IS a great gift idea! especially for your little sister that loves to cook and entertain in a funky/exciting way ;)

    -Kristin Jayne


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