Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Everything Cookie Jars

We all love the Happy Everything plates and attachments for gifts that keep on giving!  Now, The Square Cupboard is bringing you a little something extra.  Happy Everything Cookie Jars!

Not only offered in multi-colored dot!  We now offer black dot too!  Perfect gift for cookies at Grandma's!  Great coordinate for entertaining! 

Give the gift once, and continue to give attachments over the year.  The gift that never ends!  Birthday?  Give the birthday hat or cake attachment!  Christmas?  Give the Santa attachment!  Thanksgiving?  Give the turkey or pumpkin attachment!  Make it your tradition to finish the collection for that special someone.

Why not buy a gift for yourself!?  Choose your favorite attachments and tell your family.  Let them come in and finish off your collection for Christmas!  All the kids will love coming to your house for cookies or candy from your "happy jar!"

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