Friday, November 25, 2011

Egg Bowl Ready

 Well, it's that time of year!  No, we're not talking about Black Friday shopping.  No, we're not talking about Christmas parties.  We're not even talking about decorating. 

It's time for all Mississippians to gather in one stadium and cheer for their university!  It's time for the EGG BOWL!  This year's Egg Bowl will transpire in Davis Wade Stadium.  Who will you cheer for?  Where will you tailgate?  How bad do you want that golden egg?

Let The Square Cupboard help you get ready for the "big game!"  From paper plates, napkins, and game day cups to ice buckets and serving pieces...we've got what you need for your Egg Bowl tailgate!  Why not put a little tree on your food table decorated with Mississippi State or Ole Miss (or BOTH) ornaments?  Show your team spirit right along with your Christmas spirit!

Moni didn't forget about this once a year tradition!  She has created a beautifully crafted Rebel, Ole Miss angel, and Bully!  Get ready, Mississippi!  The Rebs and Dawgs are coming to town...all in one stadium!

Go team!

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