Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Happy Day to YOU

Happy Birthday to you sweet Megan!!

28 reasons why we
(Jamie, Caroline, and Mary Gates)
LOVE working with you!!

You're SO cool!
 You introduced us to ChickFila Peppermint Milkshakes
 You always make your bows a "Party on a Box"
You are a sensational seamstress
You are TRUE MAROON through and through
You are a jewelry junkie
You are a master organizer
You are always cleaning up behind us
You are a bodacious blogger!
You measure ribbon for your presents with a tape measure
You are "great" and keeping up with your Diet Cokes 
You are a fabulous Facebook updater
You don't love doing displays
You are a football fanatic
You love being covered in glitter!!
You gave us Beiber Fever - Christmas edition
Your cute little haircut!
Your creative Christmas book
You are a great gift giver!
You are awesomely overly organized
You are OCDC about Christmas Cards
You are a phantastic photographer
Your sweet southern charm
You are wonderfully witty
Your teachery ways!
You are beautiful inside and out
You are a sweet lifelong friend
you are going to be a WONDERFUL Mommy one day!!!

Just a little walk down memory lane :)

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