Friday, March 23, 2012

Cinda B

Out with the with the NEW!

Now that our Spring Cleaning Sale is underway, The Square Cupboard is making room for NEW inventory! Including this beautiful NEW Cinda B pattern!

How much do you love the softness and sweetness?!

If you're not into the soft ivories and pinks, maybe you can find another fun pattern that tickles your fancy.  With several patterns to choose from, Cinda B is one staple you will NOT want to live without!

Cinda B is both practical and fashionable! Each and every one of our Cinda B bags are water-resistant, stain-resistant, machine washable, made in the US, extremely durable and lightweight, available in more than 50 different styles, and accessorized with plenty of pockets, compartments, clasps, zippers, and snaps. 

Easter, Mother's Day, and Graduation are just around the corner! Add to you loved one's existing pattern, or start her on a fresh pattern this year!  We'd love to help you decide which style bag, pouch, or accessory to choose.

Let The Square Cupboard get you set with a beautifully wrapped gift of Cinda B!

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