Thursday, March 1, 2012

Easter Egg-citement

Who participates in your Easter egg hunt?  Children?  Grandchildren?  Adults too?  One of the many fun parts of Easter is the hunt!  

We LOVE the idea of having one egg for each child with his or her name on it.  They can search for as many eggs as they can, but they must also find their special egg each year!  Such a fun twist on a classic tradition!  Each year a new baby is born into the family, make sure you give them their special egg on their very first Easter, so they will be able to join the fun for years to come!

Another fun twist on this classic fun is "The Golden Egg!"  Everyone knows that whoever finds The Golden Egg gets the BIG PRIZE!  What is the big prize?  You decide!  The fun is in the hunt.

After running around searching for eggs and taking Easter pictures, everyone will be ready for some easter cookies or cupcakes.  How about this adorable Easter platter!?  It's the perfect size for fun Easter snacks, and it makes a great decoration when you aren't serving.

Hop on over to The Square Cupboard and fill your basket with fun personalized Easter eggs...and don't forget the BIG ONE - The Golden Egg!

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