Monday, March 19, 2012

Framing it Up

Home decorating can be a daunting task. It can be overwhelming.  But, if you just start with the day at a can be done!  What's the best way to begin?  Maybe you could just begin with the frame.  Frame it up!

The Square Cupboard recently received a large shipment of handmade frames in a variety of styles and colors!  Perfect for your special event, living room, office, baby's room, or gift giving!

The beautiful patina finish has always been one of our personal favorites. So unique and beautiful!

With a variety of scalloped frames, double frames, beaded board frames, and more...we are sure you will be able to begin your new look with a simple frame or two.

The handcrafted wooden crosses add even more to the uniqueness of this artist!  Come take a look for yourself! Perhaps you will find a grouping that fits your taste just so.

Think outside the box.  Beautiful frames make wonderful backdrops to your home decor or holiday decorating...

For that sweet new baby's room, add an antiqued double scalloped frame for a unique look.  What a fun gift for the mother-to-be!  Or, better yet, these frames could be used to frame the ultrasound at your gender reveal party! How fun!

These new frames range from 4x6 to 11x14....from small to large...from bold to subtle...

Combined with a unique pair of candlesticks or other unique pieces found at The Square Cupboard, your new frame is sure to make a statement!

And, how much do you LOVE this shutter door!?  Chalkboard for notes, menu, to-do lists, etc.  Hooks for aprons, oven mitts, keys, etc.  Clips for paintings, drawings,  inviations & pictures.  Finished off with a cork board for notes, cards, and recipes!  The perfect addition to any corner space!  

Stop by The Square Cupboard to begin your redecorating venture!

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