Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moni Mermaids

The Square Cupboard is so excited about our sixth big shipment of Moni Angels since we started carrying them in the fall!  We know how much you LOVE Moni, and we want to give you the best she has to offer!  I think this shipment is certainly one of the biggest and best we have received!

Moni's mermaids are making a big splash! Each unique, hand molded, and hand painted figure has a personality all its own.  With summer just around the corner, we love the idea of a fun summer birthday gift!  Or a keepsake for your little girl's princess party! These pieces will grow with your child through the years and a collection he or she will cherish for years to come!  Adding to a collection will never be a problem, since every figure is one-of-a-kind.

The Square Cupboard is ready to help you start your own Moni collection, add to an existing one, or find just the perfect personality fit for your friend or loved one.  We are happy to offer complimentary gift wrap for an exciting presentation!

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