Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Attention Graduating SENIORS!

It's time for senior graduation parties, events, and festivities!  Such a fun time of year!  It's also time for us all to begin our search for the perfect graduation gifts for all the graduates in our lives!  Let The Square Cupboard help you with your search!

We are happy to offer senior registries!  Send all your graduates down to The Square Cupboard to make their own registry.  When friends and family members come in to buy graduation gifts...give them specific examples of colors, items, and anything you want!  Make shopping easy for them and for YOU!  Girls, choose your favorite Cinda B pattern, jewelry, or stationery.  Guys can choose between personalized stationery, collegiate Tervis tumblers, frames, and more!

Send your graduating seniors off with all the necessities and fun things they need to make their new dorm room more like home!  It's time to start their own luggage collection for all those road trips home.  Cinda B is your perfect solution!

So, stop by the store soon to start your own senior registry!  We'll be happy to help you, make suggestions, and help you list anything and everything you like!

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