Monday, April 16, 2012

Everyone Needs a Vacation

Do you feel it?  Summer is coming!  Some days it feels like it's already here!  As you anxiously wait for the official summer season, start getting things together for a vacation!  We all need one of those!

Grab your tote bag, beach bag, and luggage at The Square Cupboard!  Cinda B is great for anything!  Grab a Tervis tumbler for that ice cold drink as you try to keep cool, and don't forget your super cute beach towel or towel wrap!  If you are looking for a unique graduation gift...let us put together a fun combination for their fun-filled summer!

We know summer vacations aren't always relaxing.  Long road trips can make little ones antsy.  Come by to gather your road trip necessities for your vacation backpack!  Books, flash cards, toys, and a cute Tervis tumbler for the road.  Don't forget your top, so there won't be any spills along the way!

We know Southern ladies don't go far without their cute accessories.  Make sure to keep them organized on your summer vacations this year, so nothing goes missing amidst the hotel towels, sheets, and housekeeping service!  Cinda B's jewelry case is perfect for all your accessory organization!  Slap a super cute phone cover on your iPhone to match!  What a great graduation gift or Mother's Day combo!

And, of course, road trips are never boring with a good book!  Nowadays, we grab our iPad or Kindle instead.  Cinda B has cases for all your electronic accessories in every pattern!  Stop by to see our selection or order your favorite!  Send your graduating senior off to college with a stylish laptop cover too!  In fact, we're thinking that coordinating laptop, iPad, and iPhone covers inside a coordinating tote bag is just the ticket for all college girls!  I'm pretty sure all your tech savvy moms would love them too!

Let The Square Cupboard get you ready for your summer!  Everyone needs a vacation...whether it's a relaxing day at home or a week at the beach!

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