Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stewart Pottery

Introducing...The Square Cupboard's new pottery line - Stewart Pottery!

Made in Mississippi, Stewart Pottery carries a legacy of four generations of Mississippi claywork.  Potter Keith Stewart's lifelong familiarity with fine pottery is reflected in the attention paid to tactile as well as visual aesthetics. 

Handmade and designed for use, it is safe for cooking and serving food.  It is also dishwasher safe!

The unique look and feel of Stewart Pottery makes this a perfect gift item for men and women!  Give a beautiful footed serving bowl for Mother's Day, and add to your family's collection by giving the mugs for Father's Day.

Maybe you need a gift for your secretary.  Today is Secretary's Day, and Stewart Pottery can help you become the "Best Boss Ever!"

Stop by The Square Cupboard to browse all our Mississippi made gift items.  We'll be happy to gift wrap while you shop!

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  1. Very thankful for EVERY piece of Stewart Pottery I have--which includes pieces by Keith AND his dad Frank, with glazing done by Keith's mom Earline.
    Best pottery--and prettiest--I've seen!


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