Monday, May 21, 2012

Cinda B

The Square Cupboard considers it an honor to carry one of the fastest-growing handbag and tote, travel bag, and accessory companies in the country.  Made right here in the USA, Cinda B offers the latest durable, poly/nylon fabrics, making the bags and accessories water-resistant and machine washable.  Offering hundreds of style and color combinations for girls on the go, each Cinda B piece is designed personally with love and care by Cinda herself!

Beginning with the new patterns for Spring 2012, Scala Ivory presents such a soft and sweet, feminine and sophisticated look!  Inspired by St. Tropez, this pattern is filled with a soft pallet of blush tones and ivory.  The mushroom gray accents were inspired by the cobblestone streets and weathered driftwood of the area.  Scala Ivory proves that you don't have to be bold to make a statement.

The new Jet Set Black was inspired by the an amazing and intricate Japenese woodcut Cinda came across in a history book.  Cinda says that even in fashion, history repeats itself.  She works to take the old and give it a new twist.  She certainly did that with this fabulous black pattern!  Perfect for the classy working woman on the go.

The pure, fresh, and vibrant colors found in this Belize Brown pattern were inspired by the beaches and jungle of Belize!  We love this pattern year round...but especially for the fall!  A great back to school pattern for those graduates traveling miles to school.

Shibori Blue brings the classic navy to life in a nautical pattern that isn't too obvious.  Whether you are headed to the boat, lake, beach, or pool...these accessories are the perfect touch for summer lounging!

Empire Slate gives us something sleek that can travel from Manhatten to right at home!  The flame stitch just so happens to look very much like the famous New York landmark itself.  These details make this patterns the perfect carry-on for business trips...especially to the big cities!

Roundabout Red is one of the first patterns introduced.  This hip, vibrant collection is a great piece for those young girls...and the young at heart!

If you are looking for a pattern that will go with everything...Ravinia Black or Ravinia Ivory is the way to go!  Among the most popular in our store, these patterns are classic and fun!  Cinda B took the classic chevron pattern and shook it up a bit, creating a pattern loved by all ages!

"Cinda finds inspiration for her designs and patterns in all facets of her life, from sunny vacation hideaways in the Caribbean to the bustling streets of NYC and from classic artists to modern fashion trends. The silhouettes for her handbags and accessories are born from her own on-the-go lifestyle. Always looking forward to next season, Cinda's search for inspiration is unending, and her unique styles, fashionable patterns and fun colorways give new, fresh 
meaning to "casual chic"."

Coming FALL 2012!

Stop by The Square Cupboard to browse the other popular and beloved patterns designed exclusively for the gal on the go!  Cinda B makes the perfect graduation gift as these students head out in various directions.  We are happy to create a Wish List to help ensure your receive the exact pieces and patterns you love!  

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