Monday, May 7, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

For teaching children lessons,
to help them as they grow.
Let this gift remind you,
You're the best teacher we know!

Teacher Appreciation Week is upon us, and we are thrilled to honor those who guide and shape our children to become tomorrow's leaders!  A teacher's work is never finished.  Teachers work tirelessly from 7-3.  But it doesn't end there.  Teachers plan lessons, take work home, create fun experiences for learning, make a masterpiece out of a paper sack, give encouragement, give correction, work to please parents, work to please administrators, work to shape lives, work to raise test scores, hug children who are sad, high five children who succeed, help children who fail, spend their own money on school supplies, and wake up again to do it all over the next day.  How will you show appreciation for the teachers in your life?

Perhaps your class can join together to give your teacher a nice gift to use year round!  Our Happy Everything plate is perfectly ready for summer if decorated with a sunshine or lemonade attachment.  Purchase the school bus attachment for our cute frame, and place a class picture to show your appreciation for their hard work!  Remember attachments are you may want to choose several for the school year.

Since teachers don't really get the lunch break many working men and women get, our Cinda B lunch totes are a perfect way to make lunchtime a little more stylish and enjoyable!

Stop by The Square Cupboard for Teacher Appreciation Week!  Celebrate all the teachers in your life...and those who have touched the life of your child!

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