Friday, June 15, 2012

Flew in...and Flying Out

Look what just flew in!  Hurry and pick up your Wolfe bird before they start flying out!

Our new shipment of Wolfe birds includes a few different styles.  The owls from our fall shipment have made a cute reappearance!  Perfect for Chi O bid day or initiation...and perfect for those owl lovers in general!

With so many to choose from, these Wolfe birds are sure to be a hit!  

As many of you know, the Wolfe family established their studio in 1946 in Jackson, Mississippi.  This family business provides family heirlooms for families all over the state...and beyond.

 "Each bird is individually hand glazed from an ever-changing palette of colors. These decorative ceramic birds are suitable as gifts for all occasions; a second or third bird becomes the start of a unique and personal collection.
   Generations, mothers and daughters, and now grand-daughters, each enjoy their own displays, no two alike, because each bird is individually hand made by the artists here in Jackson, Mississippi." -Wolfe Studio website

We know how many of you love collecting these birds...and the Wolfe bunnies.  Stop by The Square Cupboard to browse our newest collection.

They flew in...and they are sure to be flying out!

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