Friday, June 1, 2012

For all Our Lil' Sweeteas

 The Square Cupboard is excited to announce our precious NEW collection of children's literature!  
"Rochelle Frazier was born and raised in Magnolia, Mississippi, and graduated from Mississippi State University in 1996.  "Desperation birthed inspiration" that led to her children's series the "Sweeteas" that now includes three titles: "It's a Southern Tradition," "Secret of the Pearls," and "God's Promises to His Sweeteas."  She now resides in Mississippi with her three children where she continues to write and speak of the stories that pour from her heart.  She has just launched the Sweetea Club with the mission to inspire creativity, promote the search for passion, instill faith, hope and charity, and to bring back the essence of a true Southern Girl: charm, character, and charisma."

The first book in the series introduces us all to the Sweeteas...each from a sweet Southern town...and each with their own Southern ways.  As the Sweeteas say, "Wouldn't it be a delightful place, if the whole world were filled with a lil' Southern Grace?"

In "Secret of the Pearls," the Sweeteas share the magic held by Southern girls, and hopes to bring back the charm, character, and charisma of a true Southern Sweetheart.  

"It's simply yes ma'am, yes sir, thank you, and pretty please.  
Of course, 'God bless you' when you hear your neighbor sneeze."

Rochelle's newest in the series offers seven promises that God gives His Sweeteas.  It encourages learning scripture and keeping a gratitude journal in the perfect Sweetea Fashion.  Rochelle hopes that Mums and Sweeteas will enjoy sharing this one together!

"May you be blessed on this journey,
As you come and you go.
May you be filled with His Spirit,
And radiate His glow.
But most we wish your heart to be,
As close to Him as
Sugar to Tea!"

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your Lil' Sweetea, please stop by to pick up your very own signed copy of this darling collection!  Maybe you find yourself a part of a precious group of Southern friends.  What a sweet way to honor those friendships!  Write a personal note in each one to show your gratitude for such a sweet Southern friendship tradition!

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