Thursday, August 9, 2012

'Tis the Season of Turquoise

Keeping with our new fabulous jewelry finds from market, let us introduce you to our turquoise collection!

Turquoise, it seems, never goes out of style and knows no age limit!  Pair it with anything for a pop of fun color!

Turquoise is a universal flattering color.  All hues work well for warm weather...and transition easily into fall.  Turquoise also makes a great combo when paired with neutrals, black, white, and brown.

It seems like every time I open another magazine, I find multiple pages of gorgeous fashion accessories - all with one thing in common: turquoise.  Whether they're simply turquoise in color, or actually feature turquoise stones - 'tis the season of turquoise!

Start thinking about your fall gifts...or even your Christmas list!  Pick your favorites before they are gone! 

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