Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Etta B Meets Frame of Mind

We love all our fun gifts, but we have a few that just top the cake.  We know you have some favorites too!  Well, we LOVE that two of our favorite artists came together to create works of beauty!  Etta B meets Frame of Mind!

We all know and love Etta B Pottery made right down the road in Etta, Mississippi!  Match Etta B's artistic design with Frame of Mind's creative woodwork...and you have a masterpiece that everyone must have!

If you are looking for something fun and unique for a loved one, this is perfect for you!  Classic frames and creative hanging crosses will work well in any home or office.

The neutral tones make these works of art versatile and a great gift for matter their color pallet.

If you are an Etta B collector, you will love coordinating your home decor with your pottery!  Hanging a cross in your kitchen will pull everything together!  If you love Etta B, but you just don't have room for anymore pottery in your home...this is for you!

Come on in, and check out our newest collection!  You will love it!

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