Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prayers on the Side

Prayers On the Side is a religious and spiritual art, inspired by European religious icons and architecture.  Each piece is handcrafted in Mobile, Alabama.  Each piece contains the unique copyrighted and trademarked style of writing biblical texts in English and other languages around the sides of their work.  That's how they got the name...Prayers on the Side!

"These beautiful texts encompass the paintings, one never needs a frame… God is the frame."

"The mission of PrayersOnTheSide® is to create meaningful, spiritual art that incorporates prayer within each piece so that it provides inspiration, joy, peace, comfort, faith, hope, love to every beholder."

The Square Cupboard offers a great variety of sizes and styles.  These pieces of art are little gifts of love.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone you have lifted in prayer, this is it!  Whether it be a widow, a struggling wife or mother, a sick friend, a lonely family member, or just someone needing encouragement.  Let them know you have been praying with this gift of love!

Stop by to browse our colorful and meaningful selection of Prayers on the Side!  Let this be your perfect Christmas gift this year.

Give us a call for pricing, shipping, or for any questions.

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