Friday, November 30, 2012

Sleigh Bells Ring

This Christmas, we listen for those famous sleigh bells landing on our roof or in our front yard!  Let The Square Cupboard help you be sure you are ready for Christmas OUTSIDE that front door!  Make sure Santa is welcomed with fun Christmas touches in your gardens, plants, and yards.

Our decorative metal stakes and ornaments are perfect for indoor or outdoor use!  If you are looking for a fun "happy" for your Sunday school teachers, friends, or neighbors...this could be for you!

Do you have a friend or neighbor needing a little encouragement this season?  Leave an anonymous surprise outside their home.  Leave a little holiday cheer in the flower garden or in the plant on the front porch.

Choose a fun grouping to create a lovely garden display!  Tie a bow on the stake and you have an instant Dirty Santa gift for the office Christmas party!

Sleigh bells are ringing.  Are you listening?

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