Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ginny Futvoye

The Square Cupboard introduces a NEW artist to The Square Gallery art collection...

Ginny Futvoye

A talented painter since her childhood, Ginny Futvoye paints from a diverse range of interests...from flowers in a friend's garden to landscapes she has visited, or her mother's sunroom.  She enjoys using oil paint because of the flexibility, color, and texture.  She may be a Kentucky native, but her husband brought her "home" to Mississippi.  We are thrilled to have such exquisite Mississippi artBrowse our collection of Ginny's artwork, and find one that works for that special space in your home.

" I paint because it's what gives me create out of nothing. I paint to try something new, to see something in a new way. I paint to take a subject matter and make it my own. I paint to find new colors and new color interactions. I paint to express my freedom. I paint to take my mind off the everyday routine. I paint because I am inspired by what the ultimate Creator has already created: the organic lines of a tree, the contrast of the red bird against the winter landscape, the negative shapes formed in a still life, or the warm light creating shadows in a friend's sunroom.
Most importantly, none of these things could inspire me to paint if first I didn't feel the happiness and love I receive from my husband, my children, and my faith. Without these my paintings would be lifeless." 
-Ginny Futvoye

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