Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Corals and Tangerine

Last year, you may remember Tangerine being the "in" color trend for the season.  Oranges and hues of orange were everywhere.  This season's color trends haven't fallen far from those of last year.  Nectarine is the new "in" color in the orange family for Spring/Summer 2013.

The inspiration behind this Nectarine trend?  Everyone is sick of hearing about the bad conditions globally, the economy, etc.  Fashion should be uplifting and make people feel good and smile.  These colors certainly do that!

The Square Cupboard loves to help our customers feel happy!  Take a look at a few of our "happy" Spring jewelry options.  The hues of orange are sure to make you smile...and keep you stylish this season!

If you are looking for a fun new piece to add to your everyday collection, choose a color with a fun coral undertone...also known as Nectarine.  These will add a pop of color and FUN to nearly any outfit!

There's still time to send the hubby in for your favorite "happy."  Or maybe you want to surprise someone yourself.  Give the gift of fashion!  They are sure to LOVE it!

Combine these Nectarine pieces with other fun colors of the season if you like.  The variations are unending!

Let's be honest.  You Vols fans are set with hues of orange and coral everywhere!  Come see us to get just the right look for your Tennessee obsession.

What are you waiting for?!  Come on in!  Valentine's Day is tomorrow, so get your gifts wrapped today!

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