Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easter Parade with Sugar and Spice

"Every Easter, I had a completely new outfit, right down to my socks and lace-trimmed bloomers. What a woman wears on Easter in the South is of enormous importance. 'Have you got your Easter outfit yet?' women will ask one another for weeks leading up to the celebration of Christ's victory over death. To this day, it is the bane of my existence - finding the right hat and outfit for the big day of celebration. It may not be perfectly and humbly Christian, but I do try to outdo the other women with my attire. In my family we even have an Easter parade after church in which each person walks out the door onto the front porch, waves at my brother-in-law, Rodney, who is filming it while adding both necessary and unnecessary commentary, then sashays down the steps, and walks up the sidewalk out of view. It is an austere tradition, envied by many. 'How did we get started with this tradition of new clothes on Easter?' I asked a friend. 'It signifies the beginning of all things new,' she responded authoritatively. 'Christ died on Good Friday and arose on Easter, so that signified the dawning of the new Day of Grace. No longer were we shackled to the Law. It was a new day. That's why we have new clothes to wear on Easter.' I think she made all that up, but it sounds good, so I'll just go with it too. After all, the Bible has a lot of symbols, so we'll just let new clothes - at least in the South - be symbolic of new life under the Day of Grace." - What Southern Women Know About Faith

The Square Cupboard is prepared to dress your little one for her first Easter!  Whether your family will film the annual "Easter parade" down the front sidewalk or not, a baby's first Easter is such a special day! 

Let us help make her first Easter Sunday special with a variety of shadow embroidery, pintucks, and lace!  From Auraluz to Feltman and Rosalina...your sweet bundle of pink will look precious in any of these adorable spring frocks!

Stop by this week, and handpick a sweet dress or bubble for your baby girl!  Most dresses run through 9 months, but call us for other sizes and pricing.

Let The Square Cupboard provide you with the details you will remember!  Maybe you are looking towards a baby dedication, Mother's Day, or a summer baby?  These pieces will make the perfect baby gift!

We offer complimentary gift wrap, and we ship anywhere!  We look forward to fitting your bitty babe this Easter!

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