Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Burlap

If you have joined the Pinterest burlap craze, you will LOVE our newest Easter decor trend!  Our Spring burlap decor accessories make any house a home.  Without all the DIY mess!

Pinterest ideas...

We offer fun and unique throw pillows to add a touch of color or comfort to your armchair, couch, or bed.  We have pillows that will range from your teen's room to your formal sitting area.  It all depends on how you pair them!

What a fun touch of color to any room in your home!
A unique touch of Easter decor for your Easter lunch gathering.
Perfect addition year round!

 Who says burlap home decor must stay indoors?  Our NEW Easter garden and plant stakes bring a little of your burlap decor outside!  We love the idea of giving a beautiful Easter Lily to your neighbor or elderly church member with a sweet burlap plant stake included!  A classic touch that matches every style!

For something fun, you can add a whimsical garden stake with your neutral burlap collection.  After all, what is Spring without a pop of color!?

Stop by The Square Cupboard for a peek at all our Spring and Easter home decor accessories!  Let us help you prepare for that big family Easter lunch or the Easter egg hunt you are hosting.  Let us tie a beautiful bow on your favorite garden stake for you to give to a friend, neighbor, or secret pal.  These also make great hostess gifts for your upcoming baby shower or bridal shower.  Give us a call for pricing and quantities.

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