Saturday, September 17, 2011

Great Gifts $16 and Under

One thing we have learned from our loyal customers here at The Square Cupboard is that sometimes you drop by to pick up a quick gift.  You have a budget or price range, and you need to "speed shop."  We have decided to ease your stress by giving you a peek at some of our favorite items within your budget!

We scoured the store and used our best judgment to bring you our top gifts UNDER $16!!

These gifts make perfect "happies" for just about anyone!  Just to say "thank you" to your child's Sunday school teacher.  To let the elderly lady across the street know that you are thinking about them.  Or a quick birthday gift!

Whatever the reason, we have gifts that will help you stay above the red line.  No budget busters here! 

In addition to using these gifts alone, you can pair them with other store items.  Take our Ala Carte Alice dips, for example.  Pair this dip with a great Etta B dish to make a great thoughtful gift!

Is your child invited to yet another birthday party, and you're going broke? Don't worry!  Stop by and pick up a cute gift under $16!  Cute note cards are perfect for thank you notes or to write a letter to a friend.  Have them personalized too!

These super fun Chelsea lunch totes are a great gift for all ages!  Great for kids' lunches!  Great for the teacher's lunch!  Great size and perfect for just about anyone.

So, there you have it!  Great gifts $16 and UNDER that will not break the bank!  And now that you know what to look for, you don't have to spend too much time.  Come by, grab it, and GO!

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