Sunday, September 18, 2011

Great Gifts $20 and Under

Now that we have covered gifts under $16, let's talk about those gifts that you may want to spend a little more.  We have searched The Square Cupboard again and made our decisions for great gifts $20 and UNDER!

We have found that many like to spend about $20 on their gifts for the office party or Bunco door prizes.  We have some wonderful things for you!

Those of you who like to do a little early Christmas shopping for the family, pick up something $20 and under, so that you have room to spot something else closer to the holidays.  We know it's hard to buy early for fear of finding something better.  But, with a price like this, you can afford to do it!  Start early!

Cinda B is always a very nice gift to give to those you love! Even Cinda B has something for $20 and UNDER!  Check it out!!

Jewelry is always a great place to find gifts under $20.  These fun bangles are a great for girls of all ages!  Pair one with other bracelets you have at home, or design your own combination!

Let The Square Cupboard wrap your sweet gift for less than $20 investment, and make your gift-giving easy!

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