Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Even More NJ Woods

"In Autumn's Splendor"  20x24

As one of our favorite Mississippi artists, NJ Woods never ceases to amaze us with her creativity and attention to detail!

"The 10 o'clock Scholar"

Her newest artwork brings a unique twist to what we already loved...making it even more special!  Painted bricks, framed art, and beautiful mattes!

For those NJ Woods collectors, be prepared to be fascinated over these new pieces!  

"Before Pampers"

From baby gifts and playrooms to living rooms and laundry rooms...NJ Woods is perfect for any space!  The only problem is choosing your favorite.

"Drenched"  16x20

"Swings" and "Country Home"

From warm tones to bright and airy, these timeless works of art make any space transform!  If you have never owned an NJ Woods Original...now is the time!  You will be hooked!

"Umbrella Daze"  16x20

Stop by The Square Cupboard to browse her selection in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Find the perfect fit for you!

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