Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peru Paper...Mississippi Style

You wanted Mississippi stationery.  And we are bringing it to you...from Peru no less!

Peru Paper Co. began in 2005 as a way to help underprivileged Peruvian women make a livable wage to support their families.  Peruvian women are highly creative and industrious...thriving in even the most difficult circumstances.  Peru Paper Co. began as a craft project and continues to grow and add more employees because these women saw the potential and made it happen!

 The women draft all new card designs and are encouraged in their creativity and artistry.  All designs are crafted from recycled paper that the women make in their homes.

All the cards are individually handmade, making each card different and unique.

The Square Cupboard offers the Mississippi and Magnolia cards individually.  The others are included in a boxed set.  The boxed set features six Mississippi-themed cards including the shape of the state, the Mississippi River Bridge, a magnolia, a cotton boll, the Biloxi Lighthouse, and Mississippi Blues card.  

These are great to keep for yourself, to give as a gift, or to frame.  Stop by The Square Cupboard today to pick up your collection!

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