Monday, April 29, 2013

A Happy Mom = Happy Everything!

We've all heard the saying, "If Mama ain't happy...nobody's happy!"  And, many of us have found that it is true.  Let The Square Cupboard help you make Mama happy this Mother's Day with some of our newest additions to the Happy Everything collection.

The NEW anchor attachment comes at a perfect time!  Great for those lazy summer lake days or for your beach condo!  Memorial Day is coming up too, so help your mother get her happy on with some new attachments for her collection.

If your mother has not yet delved into the world of Happy Everything, get her started this year!  Choose between our large Happy Everything platter, large cookie jar, small platter, or small cookie jar.

The attachments are interchangeable.  Pick a few attachments that are sure to be her favorite!  Then, just add to them  year after year!  It's the gift that never has to end.

The NEWEST addition to our collection is this super cute soap dispenser with mini attachments!  How fun is that!?

We are even thinking graduating seniors would enjoy a fun soap dispenser for their apartment or dorm room! 

Don't let Mother's Day sneak up on you this year!  Let us help you get an early start.  Remember, gift wrap is complimentary...and we can ship for you anywhere!

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