Thursday, April 25, 2013

This Little Light of Mine...

Let it shine!  Let it shine!  Let it shine!

There's nothing more "homey" than the warm light of a beautiful table lamp in the evenings when all is calm and the kids are in bed.  A good lamp can also bring an entire room together and may be just the thing you've been missing.

The Square Cupboard specializes in many things, and home decor ranks very high.  Jamie, our store owner, even offers consultations for remodels.  So, it goes without saying that The Square Cupboard might be the hidden gem on your search for the perfect table lamp.

If you are looking for a unique wedding gift for the newlyweds this year, a beautiful and classic lamp could be just the thing!  A gift that lasts years and years...and makes a statement in their new home as husband and wife.

Are you turning the baby's old nursery into your new home office?  Let us help you!

Stop by to browse our collection of lamps.  Set up your own arrangement of lamps, paintings, and frames while you shop.  Get a visual of the look you want.  We are happy to assist you!

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