Friday, May 3, 2013

A Stylish "Hello"

Let's face it.  These days, we can't leave home without our cell phone in hand.  Our iPhones are not only our access to the outside world and social media.  They are our calendars, reminders, alarm clocks, notebooks, novels, maps, and more.  So, even if the phone rings...make sure you can at least give a stylish "Hello" with these coordinating Cinda B phone cases.

Have you started your Cinda B pattern yet?  If not, you better get started before summer gets into full swing!  Even if you don't have a Cinda B luggage piece, these phone cases are too cute not to pick up!

Just in time for Mother's Day and graduation, the fashionable phone cases make great gifts from mothers to daughters...or from daughters to mothers.

For an extra touch, why not pick up a coordinating Cinda B accessory or luggage tote?

Every graduating senior and experienced mommy sticks their makeup and cell phone in their backpacks or diaper bags.  Cinda B offers matching sets just for them!

Remember, we ship anywhere and offer complimentary gift wrap!  Give us a call or stop by to get your gifts today!

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