Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

 It's Teacher Appreciation Week, and The Square Cupboard is prepared to show gratitude to your favorite teachers!  Are you? 

We understand that times are tight and end of the year festivities, programs, and commitments keep calling your checkbook.  So, we've found a few of our favorite gifts that won't break the bank!  Teachers always have their hands full!  Full of graded papers, projects, textbooks, school supplies, and more.  These totes transition perfectly from work to summer play!

Who doesn't like a fragrant summer scent?  The Square Cupboard now carries Votivo candles, and they are wonderful "happies" for anyone!  Classroom to home.

Of course, as these Mississippi temperatures try to figure out that it is supposed to be WARM...give your teachers something to brighten those cold, rainy days!  

Cute spring/summer tea towel
Bright and stylish umbrella

Captain Rodney's can make anyone smile.  And say, "YUM!"  Give your teachers and assistants a delicious treat with our Captain Rodney gourmet items.

How many times do you think teachers wash all the "little kid germs" off their hands?  A lot!  How about an incredibly cute soap dispenser from our Happy Everything collection?  Join in as a class to give her a collection of attachments to change year round.

 We appreciate all our teachers do for our little ones.  Thank you, teachers, for being their mom away from home, nurse, counselor, friend, collaborator, dream catcher, custodian, party planner, police officer, detective, and more!

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