Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Vacay

School's out for the summer!

School is out, and families are packing up for summer vacation with the kids!  Seniors are loading up for senior trips!  And everyone else is ready to hit the road for a weekend or week-long road trip!

Are you boarding the plane with old, ratty luggage from years past?  Travel in style this year with our Cinda B luggage collections!  We offer plenty of styles and patterns for you to choose from!

Cinda B luggage and accessories are not only fashionable, but it is functional!  Machine washable, stain and water resistant, and full of hidden zippers and pockets...these totes, bags, and accessories will please even the most traveled passenger.

If you haven't shopped for those graduating students, stop by The Square Cupboard to help them build a durable luggage collection for the next few years of college or vocation.  Give us a call to see if your graduating senior is registered with us.

Enjoy the newest Cinda B piece...the carry-on rolly!  Hidden zippers allow the super tote to attach to the telescoping handle for easy maneuvering!

Get ready for your summer vacay!  Give us a call or stop by today.

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